What is the most beautiful type of diamond ring design

The high-quality aspects of a perfect diamond rings are also resolute by the setting. Prong settings, better known as claw settings, should have at least four strong prongs though many opine six prongs settings to be stronger. For a more safe setting, opt for a bezel, end or bar setting. These kinds of settings have more metal encasing the diamond providing a firmer hold to prevent the diamond from falling out. You must keep in mind that nine-carat gold is harder to bend than eighteen-carat gold..

For many enthusiasts, the only regret about the diamond rings is the fact that we are born with only ten fingers and space for two rings – the wedding ring and the engagement ring. The brilliance of the stone being worn, though, often makes up for that problem. For most women, a fond memory is one where she remembers her first diamond ring. When she got it, from what place she found it, who gifted it to her, are all memories that are etched in the mind of the receiver.

They often remember the feel of the sparkling solitaire against their skin or the surprise in the eyes of everybody’s sight for the first time. Sometimes, the day you received this precious gift becomes a very special one, just because of the diamond ring. Let’s check out what is the most beautiful type of diamond ring designs.

Diamond engagement rings

When anyone thinks about a diamond ring for women, the first thought is – an engagement ring. Diamond, with its ethereal sparkle, makes the ring that much more special for women. Whether it is just a solitaire or that ever-so magnificent blue diamond, every ring is special. It is an expression of love and eternal promise, which women truly cherish when it comes with a 24 carat Diamond.

Diamond wedding rings

Wedding rings are typically diamond rings for women and all-metal rings for men. The sentiment, though similar, varies. That is because of women, for the most part, tend to love the sparkle while men prefer the silent glean. What everyone truly cherishes is the sentiment ring’s purity implies – commitment, love and a promise forever.

Solitaire rings

For most people, solitaires are a great choice for engagement rings. No wonder then most online stores present diamond rings of all kinds. Nothing, though, beats the beauty of a princess-cut solitaire shining on the hand of your beloved fiancé. Solitaires can also be great choices for fashion rings too. The single yet sparkling diamond lends subtlety and class to the person who wears it. That is why, in this ebb and flow of fashion, this is one accessory that will always be timeless.
Fashion rings

This is where there is no limit to the number of choices. The diamond rings in online retail stores flicker with oomph. The types of diamonds, cut, settings, design and precious metal create a vast store of options. You need to check out all the options as there can be several fashion rings that express your true persona effortlessly. They can be as bold and vivacious as having a purple diamond shining in the midst of charming yellow ones. Day dream about the perfect fashion ring and imagine your surprise when you find the replica waiting for you in a retail store right now.