How do you choose a top shower head

If you are looking for even more flexibility you can select an adjustable shower head that is handheld, providing the ability to move the shower spray around your body. Handheld shower heads are especially useful for the disabled and elderly using a shower seat, and they are also great for bathing children. But we tend to always look for theĀ Best LED Shower Head don’t we?

When shopping for a new shower head, do keep in mind that not all households are equipped for all types so check for compatibility issues or enlist the help of a plumber. Some shower heads will require a certain amount of water pressure to work properly such as the traditional English shower rose, which has recently seen a surge in popularity. But, with the addition of a pressure pump, water pressure can be raised artificially to accommodate the shower head of your choice.

There are several types of modern shower heads capable of so much more than simply delivering a steady spray of water as many are equipped with an adjustable dial with varying spray patterns and settings to allow each person to adjust the shower to their liking.

Some choices include the multifunction shower head which twists to adjust the flow and pattern of water, or the double head that provides two sprays, or if you like a softer flow of water, the rose head that provides a spray similar to a gentle rain shower.

All shower heads are either fixed or hand held, with each type having its own set of positive and negative aspects to consider as they work differently from one another. A fixed shower head, as the name suggests, will be attached to the ceiling or wall and deliver a steady spray in one area.

Although this type can offer decorative appeal to the room with any of the stylish, designer looking shower heads available, and their sleek appearance do come with the disadvantage of not being able to have the spray of water directed at different angles.

Fixed shower heads also tend to be more expensive than their hand held counterparts not only for installation, but also for any needed repairs that may arise as all of the water supply pipes must be hidden behind the shower wall. With fixed shower heads, obviously you won’t be able to adjust their height so the initial installation should be done carefully to ensure the optimum placement for everyone in the household.

A hand held shower head is either attached to the wall with brackets or on what’s known as an adjustable riser rail which allows you to change the height of the shower with the attached flexible hose.

While this choice isn’t as modern looking or as streamlined in appearance as the fixed option, it does offer great versatility as the shower head can quickly and easily be removed and used for cleaning or rinsing the inside of the shower, the family pet, or even an uncooperative child.

An adjustable shower head will have a dial-type setting to allow the gentle flow preferred by the lady of the house as well as the strong flow that most men prefer for their showering routine.Make sure to get a quality model that will last for years. A few extra bucks up front is worth it.