Expert Tips on How to Get That Beautiful Girl’s Number

One little open secret to help you get a girl’s number; she has already figured out whether she likes you or not in the first 30 seconds of your conversation. Making a good impression is, therefore, the first step in how to get a girls number. If she seems receptive after the first 30 seconds, the game is now yours to lose. There are a few tips that you can use to guarantee that you get her number, click here for more.

Timing is everything

Most men make the mistake of asking for a number when it is time to part ways. This makes it look like an afterthought or that the whole conversation is simply about getting her number. A much more effective approach is to use a high point in the conversation as your cue to take her number. This signals that you are emotionally connected to her, and are interested in what she has to say and not simply out to pick up another number. This leads to the next point.

Tell, don’t ask

Another crucial mistake that men make with women is to literally ask for the number. It does seem logical but asking for a girl’s number simply puts all the power in her hands. Assuming that you followed the first step and that the girl is actually interested in you, simply tell her to give you her number. You can either tell her that you need her number to arrange a meeting or to carry on the conversation at a later date. This puts you in the power position and shows that you are not afraid of rejection. Asking for her number, on the other hand, gives her the opportunity to think about it and possibly decline your request.

Make it easy for both of you

Related to the previous point, simply hand her your phone to insert her number. Make sure that it is on the right screen so that all she has to do is enter her digits. Do not hesitate or be overly aggressive. Hand over your phone in a calm, confident manner and if she is interested, she will not hesitate.

It’s never too early to flirt

It is no use learning how to get a girls number if you actually don’t use it or at the very least, get her to agree to a first date. Text her immediately she walks away. Keep it light and casual, such as referencing something from the conversation or a funny but positive description of you. This increases the chances that she will remember you if you call her in future. Remember that you are probably not the first guy she has given her number to.

Remember what is important

These tips are simply meant to make it easier for you to get a girls number. It is ultimately her decision whether or not to comply. If you play your cards right and follow these tips you should leave with her number. In case she doesn’t comply, simply thank her for her time and walk away with your head held high. There are plenty more fish in the sea.